Our Residents Stories


It is often said that many of us are only one pay check away from being homeless.  Yet when we see a homeless person we often shuffle past them not considering how they ended up living on the streets.

The life stories of our residents are engaging, deeply moving and often awesome. The tales of ordinary lives turned upside down: chefs, builders, highly educated people, people in work: people like us, who triumph over adversity. Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 07.25.27 Mone came to London at 18 to study. His life changed when he could no longer pay his rent. The Story of Mone Lovedeep Sing
  rafal kwa Rafael brought 20 of his homeless friends 'home' for dinner The Story of Rafael Kwiatkowski
  Highway House 2[1] Sammy was a Policeman but a terrible accident left him homeless The Story of Samuel Adjei
Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 07.25.15 Camilla was pregnant and no one would help her until Highway House stepped in to support her The Story of Kamilla and her Baby

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