davidlammy"In these tough times in our country we must think about the most vulnerable, those with mental health issues, children and the elderly. All should be looked after. What Highway House is doing is amazing, bringing people together and showing wonderful solidarity.
  Hon. David Lammy MP
drnigelhewitt"Pathway has been working with Highway House for the last couple of years. For homeless patients leaving hospital with no other options Highway House has often stepped into the breach to provide food, shelter and basic human kindness to sick homeless people, who would otherwise leave hospital only to end up back on the streets. We hugely appreciate your work and would like to express our profound gratitude Highway House for their remarkable commitment to homeless people."
Dr Nigel Hewett, Medical Director, Pathway, University College Hospital, London.
"Highway House has provided invaluable work in offering shelter to clients who are homeless and unable to access mainstream services. This support has meant that we have been able to get our most vulnerable clients off the streets and into a shelter while we work with immigration. The unbiased and compassionate manner that people are dealt with is a true comfort to them and all at Highway House."
Jennifer Whyte, Casework Co-ordinator, British Red Cross.
mayorofharingay"I'm so impressed by the efforts that Highway House has gone to in order to reach out to those in need. It is clear that they have become an invaluable soured of support for many people."
  Cllr Kaishika Amin, Cabinet member for the Community Cohesion and Involvement and The Mayor of Haringey