Story of Mone Lovedeep Singh

"I came to London 14th October 2010 from India at the age of 18 to study and further my education."
After a few months living in a shared house, the money I had brought with me had run out. Not knowing anyone, my only choice was to leave and the only place I could go was the streets. It meant that I stopped going to college and soon all of my great plans of a new life were effected. I spent more than 3 months on the streets. It was winter and I slept on buses tying to keep warm. One day I met some other homeless people and they took me to a Day centre for homeless people. It was nice to be with other people again and I was soon asked to join them to play some Football. While playing, I met a resident of Highway House. He told me about what they did and  brought me to meet them. After explaining my situation, I was offered a place. Since having a home and getting some support I have returned to college and I have developed a fun and supportive social circle of friends. I have hope and some beautiful plans.
Mone got a job and moved out of the shelter into his own place in 2013. He is one of the youngest residents we have supported.  

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