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The Highway House Shelters is more than a homeless shelter. We have a shelter in Tottenham that houses 50 men at a time and a shelter in Islington that houses 6 women at a time. Since we opened our doors in 2009, over 850 people have been helped with shelter, food and counselling, along with the opportunity for much needed companionship with others. We also provide employment training.

We help those who have fallen on difficult times in their lives and need a helping hand. This includes those who are some of the most disenfranchised in our communities and without our help, would simply not be able to access other shelters in London. (including those with no recourse to public funds) Many have misused alcohol and drugs and have lost contact with their families and friends. We work to help them rebuild their lives, rebuild their confidence and rebuild themselves.

The Highway House shelters work with a range of public services to ensure we are able to offer the fullest support to our residents. We are open to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have no set time limit on an individuals stay. Instead, we work diligently with each person to ensure when they leave us they are ready to be independent once again and return to a full and fruitful life.


Pastor Alex Gyasi was invited to a reception at St. James Palace hosted by their Royal Highnessess’s the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall on Wednesday the 25th of October 2018 to mark their visit to Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria. Pastor Alex had the opportunity to speak to both Prince Charles and Camilla at the reception and shared with them the work of Highway house homeless shelter.
The Highway House began in 2009 just through feeding 2 homeless men and has ever since sheltered over 850 people from over 60 nationalities. What makes the Highway House unique is that it provides shelter for people from the most vulnerable groups in society including those without recourse to public funds, the mentally ill and the those who are recovering from treatment received from hospital and would otherwise have been discharged unto the street.
We thank all our past and present supporters and volunteers of the Highway House.
Pastor Alex and the Prince of Wales

Pastor Alex and the Prince of Wales

Pastor Alex & The Duchess of Cornwall

Pastor Alex & The Duchess of Cornwall

We were recently featured on the front page of our local newspapers Tottenham and Wood Green Independent and the Enfield Independent in article written Michael Bowen.



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